Housewifery…not for the faint of heart.

Well, ok we don’t have kids, so I imagine if we weren’t moving to Okinawa in two months this would actually be pretty easy. No morning commute, no ferrying the dogs to daycare, and possibly the best of all, no business attire.  Hello t-shirts, I’ve missed you.

Honestly it all feels a bit strange to me.  I have worked the entire time Fred and I have been together so being completely unemployed is weird.  I feel like I should be channeling some amazing Pinterest board and creating all sorts of amazing culinary/decorative/DIY masterpieces.  However, since all our stuff is going into boxes in about three weeks, my inner Martha Stewart is going to have to stay tucked away until at least December.

The last week has been spent readying the house for the photographer to come and take pictures for the house listing. Someone buy our house please!

Wednesday was fun though. I was cleaning downstairs when all the sudden over the embarrassing cleaning music I was blasting all over the house I started to hear this really loud rumbling.  I figured it was just something flying over the house until it got even louder.  It was like that sound a sink makes when the dishwasher drains only multiplied by about 50.  I went into the downstairs bathroom and the toilet had magically turned in to some sort of awful, malfunctioning fountain. That toilet is not a bidet, so obviously this was slightly concerning.  Of course my fearless husband was at work, so I called Dad who advised me to turn off the water but beyond that he was just as baffled as I was.  Even after turning the water off the noise persisted and the spraying continued with whatever small supply of water the toilet still had access to. Thank goodness the water that was spraying was about as clean as toilet water can get since I had just bleached the toilet. One quick Google search and a call to the water company later, we determined that they had been cleaning the pipes in our area and left over pressure had been the culprit behind the toilet shenanigans.So, if your toilet ever explodes in a similar fashion, call your water company because apparently they don’t send out “Hey we’re cleaning in your area so your toilet might turn into a fountain” emails.

Stay tuned for more adventures, hopefully outside of the plumbing variety.